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10 Best Personal Blender Under 50: (Our Top Picks!)


Best Personal Blender Under 50

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Best Personal Blender Under 50: The blender is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances, allowing you to make everything from milkshakes to salsas and dips. While a standard blender can get the job done, many consumers opt for a personal blender, which are smaller and more compact than standard blenders.

Personal blenders typically have a plastic jar, as opposed to a glass jar found in standard blenders, which enables them to fit into most refrigerators.

The jar can contain anywhere from 16 to 32 ounces. Personal blenders are also dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean.

In our Testing, we have tested many personal blenders, including those that fit into a cup, pitcher and mug, as well as larger units that can blend up to 72 ounces.

We spent more than 30 hours evaluating personal blenders based on features like noise, ease of use and cleaning, as well as performance. Here are our picks for the best personal blenders under $50 to buy in 2023.

Buy Our Top 3 Best Personal Blender Under 50:

Wait Are you in hurry? Then checkout these top picks……….

  • Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes

    Best Personal Blender Under 50
    • 700-watt power pod
    • Fully functional
    • Great Blender
    • Certified Refurbished
  • Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

    Best Personal Blender Under 50
    • Easy to use
    • Quality of material
    • Perfect for the home
    • Easy to clean
  • Mueller Ultra Bullet Personal Blender

    Best Personal Blender Under 50
    • Heavy-Duty Blender
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to use
    • Value for money

How do We Pick & Test?

  • Blender performance: We blend 20 types of fruit, vegetables, and frozen treats, ranging from smoothies to thick, creamy soups and frozen cocktails.
  • Blender power: We measure the amount of power that each blender has to smoothly blend the thickest, chunkiest ingredients.
  • Blender comfort: We test the ergonomics of each blender, including how easy it is to grip, the balance, and the soft-touch finish.
  • Blender durability: We drop each blender onto a hard floor from a height of 4 feet 6 inches (1.43 meters) and repeatedly run ingredients through the machine.

Things to consider:

  • Easy to clean: While stainless steel blades are durable, they can be difficult to clean. Look for blenders with removable blades that snap on and off, dishwasher-safe parts, or removable blades that come with cleaning accessories.
  • Multiple speeds: A blender with at least three speeds can handle everything from chopping, mixing, and emulsifying.
  • Compact size: Unless you’re a serious smoothie maker, these blenders won’t have enough space to blend more than 10 cups at a time.

1. Mueller Ultra Bullet Best Personal Blender Under $50:

Distinctive Features:

If you’ve ever spent more than a few minutes looking for a blender, you know there are hundreds to choose from.

Mueller has a simple, clean look for this personal blender, and it has a 4-inch wide, top-mounted control panel, with separate buttons for blend, pulse, and pausing.

It has a 15-ounce blending jar with a separate 1-cup drinking lid and handle, and it weighs 3.2 pounds. The blender has four stainless steel ultra-sharp blades, and it s 10 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter.

You also get a 15-ounce travel cup and lid. The blender has a separate blending pulse and pause button, and Mueller has thoughtfully designed it so you can blend and drink directly from the blending jar.

The cup is plastic, and it s not BPA-free, but Mueller has included a cleaning brush, which seems a little pointless if you don t have a dishwasher, so it s not a huge deal. It s not super fast, but it s not meant to be.

It s powerful enough for ice, and if you re planning to use it primarily for blending, you’ll probably be able to get away with just freezing the ingredients first.

The blades are sharp enough, but the blending jar is made of plastic, and we think it would do better if it s made from stainless steel.

2. Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending:

Distinctive Features:

The Ninja Personal Blender is an all-around solid product.

It’s powerful enough to make a decent smoothie, it has enough blending power to make a few frozen concoctions, and it’s small enough to hide on a counter when not in use.

The spout lids are a nice touch, too, and Ninja’s recipe guide offers some good ideas. Its pulsing feature, however, is a bit gimmicky, and the throttle control isn’t as intuitive as other models we tested.

Also, the foam chuck is flimsy and can be difficult to pry apart to clean the blades.

But those things aside, the Ninja Personal Blender is a solid value for a 700-watt blender that can also function as a juicer.

Features We Like:

  • Easy To Use
  • Quickly Crushes Ice & Blends Frozen Ingredients
  • Blends 2 Servings In One Convenient Cup
  • Easy To Clean
  • Portable Cup
  • Makes Healthy Smoothies, Frozen Drinks, And More
  • Recipes Included

3. Hamilton Beach Shakes and Smoothies BPA-Free Personal Blender:

Distinctive Features:

The Hamilton Beach Shakes and Smoothies Personal Blender is a slim, portable blender that is easy to pack up and take with you when you travel.

The blender has powerful blades that crush ice and frozen fruits, so you can blend your favorite drinks whether you’re on the move or just feel like shaking things up.

It also has a wide-mouthed jar, making it easy to add ingredients, and it comes with a lid and travel-ready cup to make it even easier to take your smoothies on the go.

4: Magic Bullet Mini Compact Personal Blender:

Distinctive Features:

The Magic Bullet Mini with 250W motor base chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds and more.

A color LCD window on the control panel shows the blending progress and lets you know when you’ve reached the right consistency.

250 watts of high-torque power base Ensures proper blending every time. Perfect for small jobs and everyday use.

Includes a 1.5L blender cup, short cup, tall cup, lip rings, to-go lid, and 10-second recipe guide.

Features We Like:

  • Low Speed Preprogrammed Shakes and Grinds
  • Quick Clean Up
  • Patented Blades
  • Includes a Recipe Guide
  • More Affordable Than Pro Sets

5. Personal Powerful Smoothie Blender with 2 Portable Bottle:

Distinctive Features:

The Redmond personal blender is a solid performer, with a powerful motor that crushed through ice and frozen fruit without slowing down or turning into ice cream.

The blades don’t look very sharp, but they were certainly powerful enough to pulverize most fruits and berries, and we were able to easily crush through the large chunks that were left at the bottom of the cup.

The cups don’t look as durable as we’d like, and the spouts aren’t quite as comfortable to use as we’d like.

The blender comes with two 20oz BPA-free cups, but on the big side for a portable blender.

The blender runs on 120 volts, so you’ll need a transformer, and also a 110-volt socket. It’s fairly loud, though not loud enough that you’ll hear it outside, and it comes with a nice carrying case, though it’s not padded.

6. Portable, Personal Blender Mini Shakes Juicer Cup USB Rechargeable:

Distinctive Features:

This easy-to-clean, handheld blender is small enough and light enough that you can take it virtually anywhere and drink your healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Its doubled battery capacity gives it enough power to make you up to 10-15 smoothies, and its 3-speed control is convenient for making smoothies, shakes, and juices.

(At its highest speed, you’ll find it rather noisy, and you’ll need to have a fair amount of liquid in the cup, so this is not perfect for making baby food.)

The cups included are dishwasher safe, and the blender won’t overheat when you press it when it’s turned off.

Like many portable blenders, the buttons are a bit awkward and it can be hard to tell when you’re pressing the two buttons at the same time.

But for its compact size and versatility, this blender is a great choice for anyone who wants to get more nutrition into meals on the go.

7. Personal Size Blender Juicer Cup Handheld Fruit Machine:

Distinctive Features:

The Personal Blender is exactly what we expected it to be: a small, efficient, portable blender that’s perfect for smoothies and shakes and other small recipes.

The 380ml cup is a good size for drinks that keep in the fridge or for travel, and the single button operation makes blending simple.

However, to make thicker shakes or to mix ingredients other than fruit, you’ll need to switch to the included 16oz jar.

The blender also has a pretty high noise level compared to many other blenders we’ve tested.

Features We Like:

  • Personal Size Blender, 380ML Capacity: 6 Blades Mixing, Food-Grade Material, Rechargeable, One Touch Blending/Cleaning
  • Portable Design, Smart Safety Design, Magnetic Secure Switch
  • Highlight: 380ML Capacity, 6 Blades Mixing, Food-Grade Material, Rechargeable, One Touch Blending/Cleaning, Portable Design, Smart Safety Design, Magnetic Secure Switch

8. Portable Blender, Pop Babies Personal Blender:

Distinctive Features:

The Pop Babies Personal Blender is a great deal if you want a portable blender that doubles as a travel cup for smoothies.

It’s ideal for plane rides or getting to work, and it’s small enough to keep in a drawer or backpack.

The blender performs well in its main function (making regular and frozen drinks), but in testing one smoothie that called for soaked dates, the dates did not fully break down into a smooth consistency.

The blender does have a setting called “dough,” which you can use for soft ingredients like cooked oatmeal, and while those settings are separate from the smoothie settings, the “dough” setting will not turn the date into a smooth consistency.

It’s also not powerful enough to make it through a frozen banana, so if you’re looking for a smoothie maker that will blend frozen ingredients, this isn’t the one.

The blender also takes forever to charge, and be ready to blend when it’s fully charged.

9. Haimmy Stainless Steel Personal One-handed Fresh Juice Blender:

Distinctive Features:

The Haimmy stainless steel personal blender is perfect for traveling, and it’s small enough that you won’t waste precious suitcase space on unnecessary items.

It takes about 40 seconds to blend a cup of fruit or veggie smoothies. The blender is also easy to clean, and the included cleaning brush makes quick work of it.

The only drawback is a design flaw: The drinking spout is not long enough to reach to the bottom of a tall, narrow cup.

We discovered this problem too late to recommend this product, but other users have mentioned the same issue.

Features We Like:

  • Exclusive Keep cold and fresh Design
  • Unlike other plastic portable blenders, Haimmy personal blender is a world-first smoothies blender that is made of premium food-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Try and protect the environment and your own health by switchover from plastic to stainless
  • Unlimited Power & Blending in seconds
  • The smoothie blender equipped with a 60 Watts/1400mAh powerful battery allows you to expand your creativity in the kitchen.
  • Easy to get Nutrient & vitamin extraction extracts hidden nutrition from whole fruits and veggies
  • Ultra Safety Protection & Auto-shutoff

10. VOTSUPKITDINOK Portable Blender USB Rechargeable Personal Blender:

Distinctive Features:

VOTSUPKITDINOK Portable Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, it is easy to use, comes with a battery and charger, so you can blend anywhere as it’s cordless and portable.

You don’t need to carry the cord when you go to the gym or travel, just charge it and you can reach the healthy food.

VOTSUPKITDINOK Blender has 6 highly sharp stainless steel blades, blending through ice cube and frozen fruit, and a cup of delicious smoothies within 35-40s.

Compared with regular blenders, VOTSUPKITDINOK blender is equipped with magnetic ultra-secure switch, the built-in motor will be cut off automatically if the cup part and base are not assembled tightly or correctly, and overheat prevention, which ensure its safety.

Features We Like:

  • Portable and Rechargeable
  • 10-15b Powder Blender
  • 6pcs Strong Blades
  • BPA Free
  • Food Grade Material
  • Anti-Slow Function
  • Overheating Protection
  • Safety Protection System

How To Choose The Best Personal Blender Under 50?

Personal blenders are very popular these days because of their compact size, functionality, and portability.

They are great for making smoothies, juices, soups, dips, salsas, salsas, purees, salad dressings, and more.

In our quest to find the best personal blender under $50, we put the following criteria to the test.

Type of Motor: The best personal blenders under $50 have a motor with a power rating between 200 watts and 250 watts.

Such blenders produce enough power to blend ingredients effectively without overheating.

Versatility: The best personal blenders under $50 have multipurpose blades that can chop, dice, mix, blend, puree, and liquefy food.

In addition, they feature a variable speed control to help you attain the perfect texture for your favorite recipes.

Ease of Cleaning: The best personal blenders under $50 have removable blades and containers for easy cleaning.

Furthermore, their components are dishwasher safe for a fuss-free and hassle-free cleaning experience.

Warranty: The best personal blenders under $50 come with long warranties. Some manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties.

What Type Of Blenders Are Best For Ice, Smoothies, And Juices?

If you are looking for the best types of blenders, there are several different types of blenders on the market.

There are blenders that are powerful enough to liquefy ice in just a few seconds. There are blenders that can be used for making smoothies or juices.

And there are also blenders that are designed for mixing up ingredients for baking.

When deciding which blender to buy, there are several things that you should consider.

Personal Blenders: A personal blender is a smaller version of the blenders that are designed for home. These blenders usually have a blending capacity of either 10 or 20 ounces.

Blenders For Smoothies and Ice: A blender made for making smoothies or ice should have a powerful motor. This motor will liquefy ice and mix up ingredients quickly.

Blenders For Baking: A blender for baking should be high-powered. A high-powered motor can make a cake or cookie batter in seconds.

Conclusion: Best Personal Blender Under 50:

Best Personal Blender Under 50: In conclusion,the best personal blender under 50 is a powerful and helpful kitchen tool that can help you make smoothies, shakes, and juices.

Whether you’re looking for something basic or more sophisticated, there’s an option out there that will suit your needs and budget.

Consider the size of your kitchen, the number of people consuming smoothies, shakes, or juices in your home, and other factors to determine which blender is right for you.


What is the best personal blender under $50?

The Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender is one of the best personal blenders under $50. It can mix, chop, and blend ingredients quickly and easily.
It features stainless steel blades, a 14-ounce travel cup, and a one-touch operation.

What features should I look for in a personal blender under $50?

When shopping for a personal blender under $50, look for one with a powerful motor, stainless steel blades, and a travel cup.
It should be easy to use and have a one-touch operation. Additionally, make sure the blender is easy to clean and durable.

What are the benefits of using a personal blender?

Personal blenders are great for making smoothies, shakes, and other blended drinks. They’re also great for making sauces, dips, and purees.
Personal blenders are convenient and can be easily stored. They are also easy to use and clean.

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